Columbian Cycling Team Saddled with Flesh-Coloured Strip


Who thought that ‘saddling’ the Columbian women’s cycling team with this flesh-coloured strip was a good idea?  No woman would have the bare-faced cheek to come up with such a concept – would they?


Ask the designer to ‘stress test’ the look by wearing it in public for a few days!


Let’s see if the designer has anything else to add – a proper pair of cycling shorts perhaps?

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  • on a regular basis, these people were it is only natural I was going through a quality techniques.

  • こんにちは!ポスト|私は本当に|あなたの記事読書を通して読ん楽しむ。同じカバー他のブログ/ウェブサイト/フォーラム被験者|あなたはお勧めを提案することはできますか? 感謝!
    オークリー tee

  • Hi DougI’ve just stumbled arocss your blog! I hope you don’t mind me asking a question. I’ve been running for quite a few years but no great distances a couple of 10k runs here and there. The thing is I just can’t seem to run very fast! What’s the best training for getting your speed up or are some people just not made to run fast!! I’d really like to run a half marathon but feel the need to get faster before I tackle it. What’s your advice?

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