Scottish weather

The Scottish Weather is pish. Just when we need a RELIABLE window of weather for Barbeques, T in the Park and other Summer festivities, the weather lets us down. In a world where failing to plan is planning to fail, we need the mother of all back-up plans, to help a whole country forget about the weather for once.

A large dome, similar to that at The Eden Project be constructed over the landmass so we can enjoy Truman Show-style bright sunny days to enjoy this magnificent wee country of ours.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for encouraging Summer in Scotland. Should EVERY city have a Wimbledon-Centre Court type structure, so rain NEVER stops our play?

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  • If we get a harpoon style rope big enough and fire it in Mexico’s direction – do you think they could pull us all south?

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  • Roll on global warming, keep the CO2 pumping!

  • John! Shame on you.

  • If we didn’t have so much rain, we would not have such a beautiful country. Just put on your wellies and get out there anyway.Being drookit is better than being sunburnt, IMO

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