On Friday I had a looooong wait at Heathrow Airport so I enquired about the possibility of catching an earlier flight. £165.00 for a flight an hour earlier that would be a no to that! My wait was made even longer by guess what – a delayed flight, we’ve all been there so I put on my patient face and thought “I can get some work done on my laptop” Free Wi-Fi, you’re having a laugh Heathrow! I asked about this and was told “Oh it depends where you are in the airport, you have to wander around to pick it and it’s not that reliable”. What kind of message are their staff sending out? After eventually arriving at Glasgow Airport the journey to the car park was like a decathlon and a levy of £3.50 was charged for the privilege of picking me up that took all of ten minutes.


Put your customer at the centre of what you do, get your “Free” Wi-Fi sorted out, put your staff on customer communication courses and sort out your pick up and drop areas. Your money grabbing approach will drive people to take the train, where the 1st class service is cheaper, has a shorter journey time, reliable free Wi-Fi and offers food and drink as part of the package. Sort it out!


What is your experience of travel? What is your preferred mode of transport, train, plane, car?

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  • Had a similar crap experience at an Airport recently. Flying used to be glam, no even crap rail travel seems better. Brian Souter is bringing luxury BUS travel back, things are so bad!

  • Hate to admit it, but Virgin west coast first class is the only way to travel. I regularly (weekly) do Euston to Glasgow. £86 one-way first class. 4 hours of free wifi, free food, free beer, no neds.

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