WTF is this Pretend Cigarette Spam


Why, oh why are we being subjected to the mass spamming of such a ridiculous product?

This is the sort of thing we used to have in our dressing up boxes as kids, isn’t it? I remember my ultra glamorous grandmother sporting a long black cigarette holder, blowing smoke rings in a Garbo-esque manner whilst giving off the haughty aura of “wanting to be alone” with her fag/tab or whatever you called the oxymoron that was the chic, glamorous and sophisticated style associated with the cancer sticks back in the ’60′s. Now that we are better informed we realise how gauche and anti-social such behaviour was or is, or do we?

Look at how this product is promoted, what brand manager thought that any reasonable, educated person would accept the projected association of cigarettes with glamour today?

To cap all that if you do choose to click through to the website, you reach a page that  tells you “We’re sorry this offer’s not available in your area” and it if was a verbal message it would be communicated in a sickly, sweet, dolly bird, American accent!


Simple! – just stop sending out this spam and get a grip on reality, your product is pathetic!


I’d really like to see the company “E-Cig” come back and defend their product, marketing strategy and of course their sanity!

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