Driving Miss Daisy Crazy


Old people behind the wheel are bloody dangerous. This video is only the half of it.

How many of you have driven behind an old git, only to be driven to the point of distraction by their slow driving, lack of signals and dodgy maneouvres. When you’re driving in rush hour to get to a meeting there is nothing worse than finding yourself stuck behind an old fart with no more ability – or inclination – to rush than a geriatric tortoise.

The consequences are significant. Road rage is a minor side effect in comparison to the full on outbursts that are experienced when deadlines are missed, proposals arrive too late, and important people are left twiddling their thumbs until your tardy arrival.


So, new legislation is required to keep our roads free from geriatric hazards.

Old people should only be allowed to drive on public roads between the hours of 10-12noon and 2-4pm Monday to Friday, and rarely at weekends. This way their lethargic progress can’t impede that of those who actually have somewhere important to be at a specific time.


Compulsory euthanasia at the age of 70 is probably a bit harsh, so the jury is being asked to consider the proposal, with a view to extending the legislation to cover similarly limited hours allocated to old gits for shopping.

It’s for their own good, really ;)

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  • This should also extend to HGVs too. Although, now that I think about it, the thought of HGVs and OAPs sharing the same piece of tarmac at the same time is quite scary! I’d have to avoid driving at those times.

  • As an old bastard myself, I resemble this remark. One day, we’ll all be old and I defend the right to smell of wee,wear dark coloured trousers and smoke a pipe AND wear a flat cap, whilst driving my Morris Minor Traveller, with freshly-varnished wood sections. You’re a bunch of age-ist gits who are not exactly in your first flush of youth!

  • What do you think there is free travel for the over 65′s for – to stop them cluttering up our roads, and they say the younger generation don’t listen!

  • I think the idea of HGVs and OAPs sharing the same piece of tarmac could solve two sets of problems quite nicely!

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