Pull Your Pants Up


Some may say this is a rant from a middle aged woman who is out of touch with today’s trends!

My response; “I care not a jot what the youf of today say this is a plea to the Fashion Police to issue warrants en masse.”

Who are the culprits of this heinous crime?  The short answer; Adolescent BOYS and they are everywhere!  Not only is this kind of behaviour unsightly and vulgar it must be uncomfortable and in some cases hinder the ability to walk properly.


Pull your pants up and remember trousers have a waist band not a crotch band! *Simples*


Never before have we had a more apt post for a “SKELPTARSE”!

Boys you look like Twats.  Believe me you’ll reflect on this trend in years to come and cringe at what you viewed as “cool.”

No one wants to see your pants, keep them hidden.  I defy anyone to justify this ridiculous look and I’ll bet you probably “cannae be arsed to even try”.

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  • Couldn’t have put it better myself, good point well made;)

  • Now this is where I have a conflict – I skelped Rudeness and I skelped Pull your pants up. BUT, rudeness is surely the best solution to the twat-pant brigade? Tell the eejits to their spotty faces exactly what we think of them! We couldn’t have dressed like this when we were kids – imagine running for a bus with your trousers round your knees?

  • I like this fashion! As it makes it nigh on impossible to walk, with you jeans half way round your thighs, these young vagabonds will not be chasing anyone through shopping malls or running away from Law enforcement officers. It’s a sure-fire crime cutter!

  • Oh yes I did…red hot, skelped that arse hard – on this one!

    If you absolutely have to – for example if you have a gun to your head…or if you have rock solid abs and designers are chasing you to model their underwear…then fine, but do us all a favour and only show a maximum of the 1.5 inches of elasticated and branded waistband provided.

  • Pull em up or pull em down, I don’t really mind which. But I hate the half-cocked look with a vengeance!

  • I fear this is one of those things that migrated from the US of A, where I happen reside nowdays! Back in the mid 90′s I worked over here on a kids camp and back then the arse was asking to be skelpt for the exact same reason – although skinny jeans weren’t the order of the day back then! So thank you America, for McDonalds, KFC, Lady Gaga and jeans worn half way around a teenage boys ass (that’s the American version or arse as I understand it!).

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