Vodafone – demise of the mobile network


When the iPhone 4 was released, I had to decide whether to remain with O2 or change carrier.

When I looked at all the different pricing options, Vodafone had, if marginally, the better deal that suited us as a business customer.

Unfortunately, where Vodafone were obviously keen to win our business, from the minute the agreements were signed, we began to experience the poor service Vodafone delivered!

The first notable ‘pass the buck’ excuse was that Apple had identified a fault in the iPhone 4 so to enable us to determine exactly why calls weren’t coming through to my phone; I had to pay for additional insurance before they would assist with the problem.

The second problem was the most memorable remark by one of their CS agents “I’ve heard this everyday sir – I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the iPhone 4 issues”

After Apple became more helpful and replaced the handset, we were able to show that the problem was in fact a network problem.  It turned out there were 2 masts down in the G1 postcode area.

Since the handset replacements over a month ago, and mast repairs the signal issues with the NETWORK have been rectified – Until 10 September!

Sometimes I can be the most unpopular person and not receive Texts, Calls or Emails, but never for a 24 hour period.  When testing it, I discovered I wasn’t able to send or receive any text messages, the 3G & 2 G were down so I was unable to send/receive any emails.

Nicola at Vodafone was truly irritating with her humming on the line, but at least she was being pro active.

She advised that she had never seen anything quite so scary – 5 masts in a 10 mile radius were ‘down’ but all had been reported and these should be up and running by 6pm on the 12th September.

We are now at the 13 September and still, Vodafone have not rectified the problems, actually, they have informed me that the fault is expected to last a further 10 days.

To be fair, the CS Representative today appreciated it was an unacceptable fault and credited the account for a months line rental, but being on a business account, is that enough compensation for clients not being able to get me as and when they want?

Vodafone, being an outside factor, has impacted on how I operate my business but a necessary evil as mobile technology is an essential requirement for what I do.


I’m afraid, that my confidence in Vodafone has been shattered, and unfortunately I will not be making any recommendations to anyone to use this company.


What have you got to say for yourself Vodafone? We’re waiting on your response.

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  • Vodafone has consistently taken “insurance” money that was orginally a free trial off my account. It conveniently, for them, started when they switched to online billing and then when I wanted it cancelled they told me I would need to give them a months notice. I managed to change their minds but they seem to have a very Vodafone centric approach to “Customer Service” so this post isn’t a surprise.

  • I’ve been with Vodafone since 1994. I always found their CS to be fairly good but their network coverage is abysmal -if I worked from home I could not use them.

  • I’ve had great coverage from Vodafone until the last few weeks when I’ve been losing signal constantly. That’s in the East of Scotland, surely there can’t be masts suffering everywhere?

  • Vodafone really annoys me. I can barely get reception in my house or office (I thought they guaranteed this?), it often won’t connect for incoming calls and most recently, my phone is taking a good 45 seconds to connect for outgoing calls (if it connects at all). Oh and my internet connection keeps dropping.

  • Well what do you know, it doesn’t seem to be only Vodafone that are causing customers problems! Take a look at this blog: http://www.utterant.co.uk/current-affairs/the-utterant-v-the-telecoms-industry/

  • If anyone really likes the Vodafone network but really doesnt like the Vodafone customer service I’d like to help. Veecom are an Edinburgh based Vodafone business centre. We are NOT Vodafone but we can dealer manage your account at no cost to you on the Vodafone network and sort out your problems. No catch, just keen to help.

  • vodafone robbed my 18 y/o who basically cant afford her contract and to insure her phone – (which she cant afford to loose or break – iphone of course) insurance is £12 a month.

    We went to the Vodafone shop with a pal who’s got a better iphone, on a better contract paying significantly less in insurance with a different company. Sorry but at Vodafone you cannot reduce your contract my daughter is told. And you cant reduce your insurance – you’re insured or your not. We walked out the shop shocked

    And then we went back in to ask one last question……………..
    …………Yes, if we wanted to INCREASE our contract, they could manage that!

    The smarmy bird who dealt with us basically said we were odd to want a downgrade – customers only want to buy up??? Get real vodafone ((or any of the rest of them trying this tactic) its a financial crisis out here…..a massive big recession and you’re screwing your customers to the wall

    It will cost youz in the end

  • To Nicola above – how exactly is Vodafone screwing your daughter? She took the contract out I am pretty sure that Vodafone didn’t have to break limbs to get her to sign. If she can’t afford it then she shouldn’t have got it in the first place. More fool her for not shopping around. It always amuses me that people always blame someone else for their own ignorance.
    My advice to your daughter – stop wanting what you can’t afford or get a better job so you can. NOBODY FORCES YOU TO BUY ANYTHING!!!!

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