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How many times has this happened to you? A “client” approaches you and asks for the earth and then says they have no budget. They genuiniely think that no one has ever asked you this before and that they can “do a deal”. Then they wonder why you don’t bite their hand off – eejits!


Clients – Think About it!

Designers are no different from any other professionals, we need to make a living and that means we like to be paid in money, because that’s how the world works today. Gone are the days of bartering! The funniest example of this mindless menatlity I’ve ever heard of was a personal trainer being asked to give sessions in return for payment in the form of pakora…go figure!


There is no excuse, it’s simple: you value what you pay for. However, I’d be happy to hear someone try to defend this subversive practice, any takers?

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1 Comment

  • Was it vegetable pakora?

    On a more serious note, give someone something for nothing and that is the value they place on it.

    On an even more serious note. Was it vegetable pakora?

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