Turn on the television to find Simon Cowell’s “worked on” face with a bemused expression as another terrible singer appears on the X-Factor in front of him, while to his right Cheryl Cole’s kidding on that her opinion actually matters.

Why do the makers of the X-Factor let these unassuming wannabe’s embarrass themselves in front of millions of people just to be laughed at? (it sells advertising space). Do these people have families and friends, if so why don’t they tell them they are ‘pish’. I suspect they too are laughing at them.

I don’t get the whole hype about this programme. If some of them are such good singers why would they have to go on the show to make it big? – I know why, ‘cause they lack the intelligence and drive to be able to make it in the fast moving entertainment business on their own, or probably any other business for that matter’.


Treat the addiction of these ‘waste of time programmes’ by handing out placebos to try and coax people away from their beloved “X-Factor”.


This reality television fad is a time eating, mind numbing disease, and we must overcome its grip on Britain as a nation. What do you gain by sitting there hour after hour watching these programmes, NOTHING that’s what. We spend on average 3 hours every day watching the box – switch it off.

Get off the sofa and do something useful before you become an X-Person! After all you only live once.

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  • How the hell did they even get on the show in the first place? AND on the televised show?

    This is one for the dancing jobby

  • Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no SHUT UP!

  • [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dunning, Skelpt Arse. Skelpt Arse said: Don't like x-factor? Give em a slap! http://bit.ly/aBbr2t [...]

  • Bring back Steve Brookstein, the winner from the first series. Here’s hoping he releases a new single and knocks X Factor off the Christmas number 1 slot:)

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