Scotland? Just at the top of Tottenham Court Road


Question Time is Anti Scottish. The BBC refused to discuss Scottish as well as national issues last week, with the host, David Dimbleby, being rude to Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish Deputy First Minister.  The BBC should have considered themselves privileged to have Nicola Sturgeon on Question Time and extended the same courtesy to her as they did to the other guests.


David Dimbleby should issue a personal apology to Nicola and Scotland and ask her back on to another show where there is no such bias.


The BBC and David Dimbleby have clearly demonstrated that they are guilty of anti Scottish bias. What do you have to say in your defense? We’re listening…

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  • High Hendry? Is he for real. Huge skelptarse for him for being an A1 arsehole

  • Several years ago I had the (mis)*fortune to meet Nicola Sturgeon just after a Question Time performance. After an exchange of a few words I told her I thought she had been uncharacteristically quiet on the show. She grimaced through a forced smile (as is Nicola’s want) and replied that the BBC’s focus, despite filming the show in Scotland, was always London especially when the topic of conversation was based around politics.

    After viewing last week’s show I found myself in a disturbingly unfamilar position – sharing Ms Sturgeon’s opinion!! Following some deep breathing and a stiff drink I have found the courage within myself to lay a big belter of a SKELPTARSE on David Dimbleby. Not for his treatment of Nicola, but for his disgraceful manners and the way in which he dishonoured his hosts and besmirched the good name of Scotland.

    Can I call upon all you cultured Scots to demonstrate your distaste for the vulgarity and disdain that Mr Dimbleby displayed towards his hosts by doling out a guid SKELPTARSE which, I’m sure will make him “think again”.

    *delete as appropriate

  • Thank god for that, I grimaced through the show, so put the accusation forward, nice to see others think they are worth giving a skelpt arse

  • Hugh Hendry is a complete prick. And for that alone the programme deserves a skelpt arse.

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