Easy Switch @VirginMedia, Aye right!


Earlier this year we switched from Sky after a year of hassle and poor service. Our previous experience with Virgin Media had been one of good service  and we decided to move to them.

Sure it cost a bit more but it seemed like a good deal to pay £48 per month for our package, and it was even better when we were offered an upgrade for our TV package for free (which they eventually managed to honour).

However, we’ve yet to have a month where we’ve been billed the correct amount. We payed £57 in September, £56 in October and this month we got a bill for £63. This might not seem much but we’re students and £48 was a luxury to begin with, so last month I called up to question our billing.

We realised we were being charged for all our evening calls despite being free in our package. When I queried this I was told it had been accidentally removed and that we could expect a credit back next month. You can imagine my delight at discovering we had instead been billed £63 yesterday and that we had been charged for our evening calls as well as the extra for the phone package.

After speaking to a couple of reps, each of whom gave me a different monthly package price , I spoke to the floor manager. Following further discussion I was informed that the deal we had signed up to was only for two months. I asked why we hadn’t been told this when we took the deal or on any of the occasions I had been forced to call up about the billing issues, no answer was forthcoming. We made some calculations and estimated that with the overcharging and call costs Virgin Media owed us about £25. First I was told we’d receive £5, then £10 and finally £15 and we would be paying £53 per month in future. By this point I was willing to accept that offer but tried to query again why no one had mentioned that our initial contract price was only for two months. The floor manager proceeded to tell me that I was “obviously unwilling to accept his resolution and that he would be removing the credit he had offered”.  I attempted to counter that this was unfair but he promptly hung up on me.


I bitched about it on Twitter and someone suggested emailing the CEO (thanks to the wonders of Google) I did this and waited.


Today I received a call back from someone in the CEO’s office apologising for the way this issue had been handled, that it was now being dealt with internally and that we could have our credits back as a gesture of goodwill!

Tenacity prompted me to ask again why we hadn’t been told about the initial deal only being for two months when we signed up. The reply “the notes say we had so therefore, we don’t have a leg to stand on”.

The end of the story is that I’ve lost a large chunk of my weekend and was forced to contact the CEO to get a “proper” resolution that still ends up with us paying more than we’d been expecting.

I reckon this is a really poor show, especially when our previous provider Sky, who may have been shoddy, NEVER once overcharged us.

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