Tb Mobile is the Question?


Tmobile USA refused to believe that I moved to the UK and therefore, insist on charging me a $200 mobile contract cancellation fee (which can be waived if you prove you moved out of the country).

Although Tmobile is mailing my billing statements to my new address in the UK!  I sent Tmobile a professional letter with an official bank statement with my new UK address to the USA including a final bill payment of $50 which is minus the contract cancellation fee.  3 weeks later, I received another Tmobile bill to my UK address *note* there are UK calls on my Tmobile made from the UK before contract was cancelled.  Tmobile Customer Service states they never received my letter and cannot help me because waivers go through Customer RELATIONS department.

They are also giving the sorry excuse that maybe it takes 3 weeks for a letter to arrive from UK to USA.  After convincing the rep that we live in 2010 and a letter takes 6 business days max, I asked to speak with someone in Customer Relations.  However, Customer Relations apparently has no phone number and the only way I can reach them is by post.  I pleaded with the Customer Service Rep to simply let me pay the $50, waive my fee as I have obviously moved (their records state my new address) and have it be over with.  The Rep insists she cannot do anything and I need to mail my letter again. Awesome.


It would be great if Tmobile actually believed you have changed your address to the UK , the proof being that you are receiving mail at that new address. It’s not rocket science; Give Customer RELATIONS department a damn telephone!


Let me close my Tmobile account and be done with it!

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