Not Our Cup of Tea


West Dunbartonshire Council tried to make a profit out of veterans on rememberance day.  They wanted to charge £900 for a cup of tea and a sandwich for  the veterans attending a service on Rememberance Sunday.

When you total up the council staff wages for the day plus expenses to cover the staff’s own buffet and travel costs for them to attend the service they could have laid on a buffet themselves.

They have to be the only folk in the UK who are paid to remember the people who put them in their elevated positions.  Now they have declared they will be spending £2000 of our money to get X Factor rejects Diva Fever to turn on the Christmas lights.

Since when did it become more important to get failed gay icons into the town to turn lights on than to help out people who die on a daily basis to keep them in their positions?


I recommend that due to the severity of the charges the right to a defense should be waived and that all council members involved have their head super glued to the town’s lamposts where anyone can give them a skelp or a heafty boot on the way past.


The Jury are unanimous, SHAME ON THEM!

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