Poor Show by flybe


Last November after a 6 hour wait at Glasgow Airport for a flight to Birmingham, the flight was cancelled. To be fair to flybe an aircraft had crashed on the runway at Birmingham.

We were offered a full refund to our card or alternative flights at a later date.

I went for the refund.

The refund came on my last credit card statement but was £10 short.

I sent an email to flybe to let them know there had been a mistake.

However, I then received an email from them saying they do not refund the card fee transaction as this is a cost incurred by them whether the plane takes off or not, and this is clearly in the T & C’s.


Pay the full refund to your CUSTOMER flybe.


I say – outrageous and would like to know if flybe fully understand the meaning of customer service?

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  • You should consider charging them for the time it took to create this post :)

  • There was a piece in the news about card transactions recently. Apparently it costs pennies to the company and it’s just a means of gaining profit. HUGE smelly arse to them

  • Blame The Banks!!!!!!!!!

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