Ticket Happy Traffic Warden


This photograph was taken recently in a quiet residential street in the south side of Glasgow.

The traffic wardens parked on the double yellow lines to give a ticket to a white van man while he was loading just after 9 am on a weekend morning.   It was parked in the same spot directly across the street from the traffic wardens van.

The driver tried to explain that he was loading new doors and would be less than 5 minutes.  Then he offered to move the van but he was too late and got a ticket anyway.


Get a grip on yourselves, treat people as you would want to be treated, it is doubtful your job description requires you to be rude and a jobsworth.


The traffic Hitlers then turned their attention to the photographer when they spotted him taking a picture of their illegal parking; they were very quick to point out “we’re allowed to park here”.

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  • Cheeky Bastards

  • They are actually not allowed to park their on a corner of a junction. They authority does not not supercede the Road Traffic Act 1988 as amended. Its a pity there was not a policeman there to book them for obstruction.

  • thnx for sharing this nice web site.

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