AA-An Expensive Journey


Imagine my consternation when the renewal notice for my AA roadside cover dropped through my letter box and the annual fee had increased by over 50%!

You can understand an increase if the service had been over used in the past 12 months, but I had not used it, yes you’ve guessed it, ONCE!

My horror at AA’s blatant attempt at ripping me off drove me to seek out an alternative supplier immediately and the RAC , who were unaware of the AA’s over inflated renewal cost, were happy to oblige at a very reasonable price.

When I tried to phone and cancel my policy I was met with the typical customer friendly, automated options choice!  I selected option 4, to cancel my policy, only to hear the recorded voice saying “Due to a high level of customer’s requiring our assistance at the moment we are unable to answer your call. Please try again later.” Then the call terminated – they had hung up on me!


Stop ripping people off for no reason

Take customer service seriously and don’t expect customers to call YOU back

Sort out your automated answering protocols, customers wanting to be ex-customers don’t want to receive further shoddy service. They will tell loads of people how bad you are on forums like this!


I cannot begin to imagine how AA could justify their price increase or their shoddy service, but if they did care to respond I suppose I would listen out of courtesy, because it costs nothing!

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