Dallas Cowboys on Highways


OK, so we’ve been here before but such is the ire that I feel on a daily basis during my commute to and from work that I just have to get this off my chest.

The issue is a global one but the extent of the problem varies from place to place.  I live in Texas, just outside Dallas to be more exact, and I have to say that these have to be some of the most inconsiderate drivers I have ever seen.  My real issue is the inability of most people to look before they make their frankly insane maneuver!  Why do they feel the need to wait till the last minute to move across three lanes of traffic to exit at a junction that was sign posted 1 mile before and that they probably use every day?  And that 3 car lengths that I left between me and the car in front was there for safety, not for you to pull into at 70 mph for no apparent reason!!  I could be here all day with the number of stupid and dangerous moves I see on a daily basis but I will refrain and just say that your arse has been skelpt (or your butt kicked), now go and get a driving lesson you muppet!


Either these people get off the road or learn how to drive and to use their mirrors and indicators – the latter were put there for a reason, to indicate to other road users that you are about to change direction!  In the US this needs to be taken a step further – make everyone sit a driving test that involves more than confirmation that you can start a car and put it into gear!!


There is no defence!

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