Parking’s a Pig!


Strathclyde Police appear to think themselves above the law when it comes to parking on yellow lines, even the zig zag lines by pedestrian crossings!

On Glasgow’s Saltmarket they park with impunity wherever they like.  When questioned, they take umbrage that a member of the public should question their divine right to park where they like!  The usual excuse of ‘official’ business is trotted out, but it never appears to be urgent business requiring blue lights or arrests, just routine stuff.

When they do park in designated spaces, for example, outside the JP court, they never pay for a ticket, again using the excuse of ‘official’ business.  But surely anyone, especially witnesses, could be said to be there on official business, yet they all have to pay?

Glasgow parking wardens waltz blithely past, ignoring the lack of tickets in police vehicles to the adjacent private car, merrily slapping on a ticket for the odd minute over…

Why should the police be allowed to park wherever and whenever they like when on routine business or when buying their coffee and rolls ‘n sausage whilst everyone else runs the risk of the Glasgow Council parking Stasi?


The police are subject to the same laws and regulations as everybody else. Emergencies are, of course, different.  They need a great BIG skelptarse for their abrogation of responsibility to set an example.

Glasgow city parking deserve an even BIGGER skelptarse for their supine attitude of ignoring the transgressions of their police brethren…


OK, let’s be ‘avin your excuses then…

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1 Comment

  • Same deal when they are speeding. If they don’t have their blue light flashing they shouldny be going faster than what the law says. And have you seen how short yer average Polis is these days? Wee feckers canny see over the counter at the roadside snack bars. And those roadside cafs might be why they’re short but they arny exactly wee! Maybe those big lardy asses are why they need a police car to get them about the city in the first place, nae doubt they will be parking in the disabled spaces soon enough because they can’t walk the length of their own (very wide) shadow!

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