More than just HACKED off


The News of the World has completely over stepped the mark on ethical journalism.

It would appear that the parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, the two children murdered by Ian Huntley, were contacted by Scotland Yard detectives investigating phone hacking at the News of the World.

In addition revelations that the mobile phone of Milly Dowler, the schoolgirl who went missing in March 2002 and whose body was found six months after her disappearance, was also hacked by the News of the World.

Rebekah Brooks, who was editor of the News of the World at the time and is now chief executive of its parent company News International, is claiming that she knew nothing about the allegations of phone hacking.

Skelptarse is politically neutral however, in this case feels the need to quote a couple of politicians:

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, said that Brooks should “consider her conscience and consider her position” as he called for a public inquiry into the hacking allegations and the conduct of the tabloid press as a whole.

The home secretary, Theresa May, told a committee of MPs: “I think it’s totally shocking; frankly, it’s disgusting. The mindset of somebody who thinks it’s appropriate to do that is totally sick.”


Rebekah Brooks should resign with immediate effect. All companies should boycott advertsing with the paper and the general public should stop buying and reading the News of the World and any assoicated publications now!


Skelptarse always provides the right of reply and awaits the justification for these actions…

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