Is This a Looter Caught on Twitpic?


They say a “picture paints a thousand words”.

If the claims reported on Pocket-Lint, Yahoo, Twitter, Twitpic et al prove to be true and this is a genuine photograph of a looter showing off his haul during the recent Tottenham riots, then this is a great case of Social Media for Good, albeit in horrible and tragic circumstances.  Obviously the law of the land in the United Kingdom is innocent until proven guilty and this might just be a picture of a guy pleased with what Santa has delivered to him for being such a good boy…


If the accusations that this is a genuine picture of a looter and his haul from the Tottenham riots are true, then this guy deserves the book to be thrown at him – HARD!  I think that the majority of people would agree that looting is a terrible crime.  Openly bragging about your ill gotten gains on a social media network like Twitter is just plain stupid!  Again, if the claims are true, then this guy needs to stay inside for a long time for his own safety, because stupidity on this level cannot go unpunished by the technical savvy folks of today!


I reckon it is for the police and the courts to decide on this one don’t you?  One thing is for sure the outcome won’t be hard to find!

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