Ticket To Ride – Aye Right!


WTF!  Ticket Barriers at Central Station, Glasgow

At first I thought the new barriers were having teething problems as they rejected my ticket, or maybe I just had a duff ticket.  But NO, a couple of months down the line regardless of my ticket – daily, weekly or monthly the barriers refuse to let me though – “beep beep beep” all the bloody time.

I guess part of the reason for installing the barriers was to save on staff checking tickets BUT now the barriers seem to be staffed with folk overriding them manually to let us punters with our tickets through – go figure!

NetworkRail you really have excelled yourself this time.


How about introducing swipe cards like the Oyster card.  There are tons of benefits; faster management of foot traffic flow at peak times, you can top them up, valid on different travel systems and finally you can buy them online, removing even more labour intensive tasks currently employed to hold up the traveller.


We await your reply – no doubt your response will be delayed!

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