#skelptarse for @piersmorgan


Piers Morgan has undoubtedly been an out and out eejit on Twitter.  He seems to have the innate ability to publicly declare his complete and utter stupidity and disregard for anyone else’s talent, effort or opinion.  Bradley Wiggins is a national hero and he can do what he likes whilst collecting his Gold Medal at the London 2012 whilst the National Anthem plays!


Whether the Twitter retort came from @bradwiggins or @mrcolmquinn it was well said, long overdue and summed up how the majority of people feel about the snake that is Piers Morgan.


His arse is well and truly SKELPT!  


People do your duty and get skelping and while your at it pass this on so we can really gauge the nations’s sentiment towards @piersmorgan.


What good has Morgan ever done for this country?  He has no defence, has he?

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To use a splendid bit of sadly, now seldom-used Scottish vernacular, whose 'arse' definitely needs 'skelpt'?

Who or what has been letting you down, letting our magnificent country down or who generally needs brought into line. Politicians? Overly politically-correct-mandarins? Jobsworth civil-servants? Service industry specialists who've not been servicing? You tell us!

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