Mine your own pockets Arthur


Arthur Scargill, the former National Union of Mineworkers leader, has the audacity to believe that the NUM should continue to finance the costs of his London  flat throughout his lifetime.  He also believes that the NUM should foot the bill for his fuel allowance at his Barnsley home and for the preparation of his annual tax return despite him stepping down as leader in July 2002!

Scargill seems to think that because his predecessors enjoyed  benefits beyond retirement he should be entitled to the same despite today’s challenging economy.  He said “There can be no doubt that 30 years ago I was given an entitlement to a property by the union and that entitlement continued during my retirement, as it had done for all my predecessors including Lord Gormley and, after he died, his widow Lady Gormley.”

Does he think that the National Union of Mineworkers coffers are a bottomless pit!


Wake up Arthur and remember that all the miners who followed your lead to strike back in the 1980′s didn’t sacrifice their jobs and earnings to finance your privileged retirement.  The NUM should make Scargill pay back all the rent they have financed since he retired in 2002!  That’s 10 years rent at £34,000 per annum Arthur!


For someone who has been so vocal in the past we await your response – but we won’t be holding our breath!


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