Go to Specsavers – NOT!


Sarah Lea Leslie is a nineteen year old autistic teen in non higher further education.  She is listed on a Child Tax Credit claim that is supported by an NHS exemption certificate.  The NHS exemption is issued in the name of the claimant( her mother) and covers all members of the family named on the claim – the certificate states this clearly.  Sarah’s name appears clearly on the claim and according to the NHS Business Services Authority Sarah has exemption as her mother is still paid child tax credit for her.  The NHS BSA confirmed this by phone today.

Specsavers in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow refuse to issue a NHS voucher that Sarah is entitled to under the NHS Free Help Scheme apparently because the claim is not in her name,  however children cannot claim tax credit in their own names!!!!

Sarah has a complex prescription and is walking around unable to see because of this refusal.  The NHS only grant a free eyetest once a year so Sarah is unable to approach another optical practice to resolve her problem.

On top of refusing her access to her legally valid NHS vouchers, they even tried to make her buy a contact lens agreement payable by direct debit over six months that she clearly couldn’t afford because she was trying to exercise her right to a NHS voucher!


Tweet about this despicable treatment using the hashtag #saysorrytosarah publicising @specsavers bullying and discriminatory behaviour.  Ask for as many Retweets as possible because @specsavers moderate their own account and appear to remove negative tweets from their timeline.  we have been commenting on tweets published on their timeline by other followers of theirs.


Specsavers, the floor is yours, we await your response.

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