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This is really simple and is based on the content for each individual point.

The burning issue of the day or perhaps the burning smell your car still makes after the mechanic charged you 300 quid and said he’d fixed it. Our daily pointing of the finger at the offender in question. Court is now in session.

Our statement of defence or prosecution, all cases have the right to a fair trial.

The defendant may issue a plea. You the jury will give your verdict. Case closed.

What is Skelpt Arse?

To use a splendid bit of sadly, now seldom-used Scottish vernacular, whose 'arse' definitely needs 'skelpt'?

Who or what has been letting you down, letting our magnificent country down or who generally needs brought into line. Politicians? Overly politically-correct-mandarins? Jobsworth civil-servants? Service industry specialists who've not been servicing? You tell us!

We've got a sliding scale of 'skelpitness' from a light smack or a pure, red, stinger? You decide!

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